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Available lectures and workshops.

For interest in any of these, contact me at nefrums(at)

The Dreamwork.

The Dreamwork, a project by inspired by Bjørn Bjarre’s publication Drømmerarbeider (1995).

«The Dreamwork is utilizing The Dreamwork digital publication; a sort of a conceptual junkyard… This digital publication will hopefully become a place, where students can roam through thrown-out ideas, and maybe use them to experiment or expand».


Participants in the workshop will be asked to contribute trashed ideas and recycle them according to an environmental manifesto designed by Failure, Understanding, Care (& Kunst): the Tromsø based artist-led initiative.

Read more about the project here.

Listen to a podcast about The Dreamwork and the initiator The Arctic Agency here.


His Gap - Sustainable Art Production.

This workshop emphasizes the process of thinking in a sustainable way. Participants will choose one idea to work with and will be guided through creating a production plan with the help of an analytical model for sustainable artistic production; His Gap.

Read more about the model here.


Your body as a painting tool.

How can you make a deeper connection between your emotions and your brushstrokes? 

These lectures, through listening exercises, exploration of abstract painting methods, and meditation, will help participants gain a deeper understanding of how the body can be used as a tool for further development of personal aesthetics and artistic methods.

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